Summer Time Hair Care Tips


Summer season is synonymous with hiking, swimming, camping and other fun activities. Nevertheless, there is one drawback to spending a lot time outdoors in the heat: your hair collects a lot of sweat and grime. Because pollutants can harm your hair and contribute to split ends, dull color and other unpleasantries, washing regularly is a must.


Many individuals are dismayed to find that their stunning hair turns into a frizzy rat’s nest in damp conditions. Tame your out-of-control locks with pomades and other humidity defense items to block humidity and control fizz


The sun can be particularly extreme on colored hair, so safeguard your locks and keep your gorgeous color from fading with color-safe hair items. Leave-in conditioners and specially-formulated beach sprays can be applied to damp or dry hair to secure it.


Swimming can sadly trigger significant damage to your hair if you do it regularly. You can limit the amount of swimming pool chemicals your hair soaks up by saturating it with leave-in conditioner, hair oil or clean water prior to you get in the pool.


Ditch your hot irons and blow drier a minimum of a number of times a week, if possible. You can still attain uncomplicated, beachy waves by cleaning or wetting your hair prior to bed, then piling it up in a bun or braid on top of your head.

There is never ever a much better time to use a deep conditioning item than in the summer season. Although your scalp is probably oilier than usual due to the boost production of sweat, completions of your hair can really suffer in the summertime heat. Some stylists recommend deep conditioning one or two times weekly in the summer, however it really depends upon the general condition of your hair.


Consuming healthy is a terrific way to maintain healthy locks throughout the summertime. It is specifically important to eat foods that have omega-3 fats, as they will keep your hair looking glossy and healthy.

While these summertime suggestions can assist you keep your hair healthy and gorgeous, choosing the best beauty salon products is half the fight. It is important to speak with an expert stylist to make sure you discover the right beauty parlor items for your hair type.

Hair Care In Your 40’s

If you remain in your 40s, consider yourself in your prime! More than likely you’re more comfortable in your very own skin, feel more matured, and care less about exactly what individuals consider you than you did when you remained in your 20s. And it’s not difficult to keep your hair looking great, either. Here are just a couple of fast tips from your buddies at Madison Reed to keep your locks gorgeous during this lovely decade.

Get your vitamins.

You may begin to notice that your hair is beginning to end up being finer and thinner. This is natural, but there are ways to help stimulate hair development naturally. Attempt adding biotin, Vitamin B, and omega-3 fatty acids to your diet plan to stimulate hair development. Some alternatives to taking vitamins are foods that can stimulate hair development– like salmon, tuna, flaxseed, tofu, eggs, and yellow peppers.

Give it a rest.

These divides can make their way up the hair shaft and break off mid-way, taking away from the overall fullness of your hair. To keep your hair healthy and strong, restrict the use of blowdryers, straighteners and curling irons (specifically during the summer).

Treat it right.

A good deep conditioning once a week can go a long way. If you do get heat-style pleased, you can constantly reverse some damage by renewing your hair with additional wetness from a mask, an at-home oil treatment, or a damage treatment from a beauty salon. Give your hair a little additional love once a week to keep it healthy and strong.

Keep it stress-free.

Work, kids, and a busy life in general can include tension to your body. Tension can cause grey hairs to come in a lot more quickly, and can even result in loss of hair, so anywhere you can manage it, simplification helps. Some methods to bust tension are to meditate for 15 minutes a day, get Thirty Minutes of exercise daily (an excellent walk works well), and keep your diet plan healthy and balanced.

Provide it an increase.

The shine in your hair can give you a more vibrant look in general. Put it in a spray bottle and spritz your entire hair with it, then wash it off. If this appears a little too time-intensive, try getting a shine treatment at the beauty salon.

Snip it off.

When you get the best hairstyle for your face shape, you not only bring out your finest functions (like your cheekbones and your eyes), but you can also offer motion and body to your hair. It can remove dry and split ends and give your hair its youthful bounce back.

Put some body into it.

When hair begins to thin, it also loses its shape and sticks to the scalp. If you want to wander off away from heat styling, attempt some big rollers at the base and crown of your head and set it in with hair spray. Keep the rollers in for 20 – 30 minutes, then let your hair down before you head out.

Play it safe.

Excessive sun direct exposure can also trigger damage to the structure of the hair shaft. Protecting the cuticles will maintain the stability of your hair– that’s why it’s excellent to play it safe and protect the hair with items that include SPF.

Change it up.

Your hair can start getting utilized to certain ingredients in your shampoo and hair products, which can cause greasy-looking, limp hair. To make sure this doesn’t take place, change up your hair shampoo from time to time, or try an apple cider rinse. Often the surfactants (lathering representatives) in hair shampoo can begin to harden and stay near the scalp location. Using the very same shampoo daily can develop develop, which will eventually trigger dandruff or make your hair produce more oils than it should, producing a greasy care for simply a day. That’s why it’s a smart idea to change up the items every month or two to guarantee that the build up is getting broken down.

5 Finest Summer Skin Care Tips

Summertime Skin care Tips– The Ivy Day Spa skin care specialists have actually assembled a list of summer skin care ideas to keep your skin safe, healthy and looking great throughout the season.

It’s important to take care of your skin all year long, however much more so throughout the summer to secure against severe UVB and UVA rays, and skin cancer.
5 Summer Skincare Tips

To prevent sun damage, irregular skin, soreness and more, follow these pointers to ensure your skin stays healthy all summer season long.

Even on overcast days, UVB rays can still penetrate the skin and trigger damage. Ask your esthetician for a recommendation for moisturizers with sun block for your skin type. The Ivy Day Medical spa Lifestyle Shop includes Coola Suncare Products for face and body!
Remaining hydrated is crucial to remaining cool in the sweltering summer season months. This prevents dehydration and keeps the skin looking healthy and moisturized. It likewise assists the skin fight unwanted sunburns.
If you do find yourself with too much sun attempt these suggestions to decrease the swelling. Be sure to stay hydrated, sunburns draw fluid to the skin surface area and away from the rest of the body.
Consume healthy. Keep your refrigerator and pantry stocked with healthy foods and snacks. Not only will this assist with any weight-loss goals you have actually set, however will also keep your skin radiant and healthy all summer season long. Ideal foods are leafy greens, avocados, tomatoes, pomegranate, and nuts.
Get a facial. This is a fun time to meet with your favorite esthetician and request for summer season skin care advice unique for your skin type and lifestyle. A professional facial will assist exfoliate, raising away dead and dull skin cells. This helps even out blotchiness and discoloration, while lowering excess oils. It also clears out your pores germs, leaving fresh and healthy skin. Preserving a skin care routine, exfoliating, and exercise can likewise assist your skin appearance nurtured and healthy all summer.

Four Products You Should Always Travel With

You need to think about the skincare items you bring along so you can make sure your skin is properly taken care of during your time away from home. To assist make packing a little simpler, we’re sharing the 4 skin care items you ought to always take a trip with.
1. Sun block

f your journeys are taking you to a gorgeous beach destination, then you definitely have to pack sun block. There are no reasons here. It’s so crucial that you protect your skin before spending at any time in the sun to minimize the threat of getting a sunburn and destructive your skin.

Now, you may be believing that you do not require sun block if you’re not planning to be outside or if you’re going to a cold environment. This merely isn’t real! The truth is, traveling is typically spontaneous and you never ever know where you’ll wind up or exactly what the weather condition may do. Plus, the sun still shines when the weather condition is cold. No matter what type of area you’re taking a trip to, sun block is a must. It’s better to be safe and to have your favorite sunscreen with you than to run the risk of getting sun damage.
2. Your Own Facial Cleanser

Have you ever disappeared on a trip and decided not to bring your own facial cleanser with you? Maybe you thought you ‘d simply use one of the facial cleansers the hotel supplies? Well, we ‘d advise against this.

You see, you never ever know what kind of facial cleanser a hotel might put out for their guests. These items might include components that may irritate your skin, therefore causing things like rashes or acne flare-ups. It’s best to prevent that by bringing your own facial cleanser that you can trust and keep up your good skin care routines.
3. Moisturizer That Protects Versus Contamination

No matter where you take a trip to, having an excellent moisturizer is essential. It’s necessary for keeping your skin hydrated, but you’ll also desire one that can protect your skin against pollution. Taking a trip and being out and about can trigger our skin to come into contact with all sort of contamination and ecological toxins.

One moisturizer that can help safeguard your skin from the severe environment is our Crucial Defense. It’s a vitamin-enriched day cream that safeguards your skin from aging, totally free extreme damage, and environmental pollution. Essential Defense keeps your skin looking glowing and leaves it feeling soft and flexible.
4. Toner to Balance Dry, Oily, or Mix Skin

Going on a journey does not provide you authorization to slack off on your skin care regimen. Plus, being on the airplane can dehydrate your skin and potentially even trigger breakouts. You might also see a distinction in the way your skin looks when you’re traveling to someplace that you’ll experience a climate change. You need to be prepared to handle this and a toner can help.

A toner will help to cancel your skin, whether you’re dealing with dry, oily, or mix skin. The secret is to finding the toner that works finest for you and brining it along on your trip. You can then utilize it morning and night to ensure your skin stays healthy throughout your time away.

The next time you’re packing your bags before traveling, don’t forget to bring these four skin care basics along with you. They’ll keep your skin feeling and look its finest throughout your entire journey!

Do’s and Dont’s Everyone Should Know About Skin Care

We are full of skin care information, ideas, methods, and so on and are delighted to share our knowledge with those we love … whether they get the information or not! Think of this as a practical do’s and do n’ts list.
You Required a Daily Regimen

Generally speaking, individuals don’t want to hear that skincare takes real effort. Skin is the body’s biggest organ, and you need to take care of it. This is not flexible. It’s important to have a day-to-day program and adhere to it, otherwise it will not be effective. Efforts = results. Think of consuming healthy and going to the fitness center– this helps keep your body healthy, however it has to be done consistently. It’s the same concept for your skin.

We can talk about the happiness of utilizing exfoliates, masks, serums, boosters, eye contours, targeted products, and so on when you have a fundamental programs down. Start taking care of your skin now.
Be Sun Smart

Both tanning and burning damage the skin, cause early aging, and can trigger skin cancer. And do not even consider going to indoor tan. If being pale makes you feel like an extra from “Twilight”, use a sunless tanning item or bronzer for a faux glow.
When Aid is Required, Go to a Skin Pro

From facial treatments to home care programs, to skin analysis and recommend, we’re here to assist you have the healthiest skin possible. A lot of typical skin concerns can be fixed by doing the ideal things and using the ideal products. Find a local esthetician to help you with your skin.
No Picking

Please don’t attempt to self-extract your skin or select at anything that is swollen and/or healing. Getting routine deep cleansing facials helps keep your skin cleansed and your pores tidy. In combination with the ideal products, this can assist keep your skin clear and decrease future breakouts.
Tanning Beds Are Evil

Do not utilize tanning beds EVER. The use of tanning beds harms the skin, speeds up aging, and significantly increases the danger of skin cancer, especially cancer malignancy. Many health organizations including the FDA, the NCI (National Cancer Institute) and the American Academy of Dermatology advise completely avoiding tanning beds.
Bacteria is Every Where

Think about everything that you touch that other individuals touch. That’s gross, ideal?! Though we like our handy germs like probiotics, it’s important to keep the skin’s microbiome well balanced, and lessen direct exposure to any harmful bacteria. Keep in mind to effectively clean the skin two times a day to keep it purified.

Advice For Skin Care in The Summer

The summer can be hard on your skin. While sunlight is good for you in moderation, because it helps to prompt your body to produce Vitamin D. It is also good for your mood. However, it can also be damaging. The sun’s UV rays can not only burn your skin, but also speeds up the ageing process, giving you wrinkles and sun blotches that otherwise you would not develop.

That’s where skin care comes in. At any time of the year, it’s important to use a gentle cleanser to remove dirt from your skin, and also to moisturize to keep the skin soft and healthy. The extra thing that you need to do in the summer, however, is to use a good sunscreen. Any sunscreen is better than going out in the sun bare-skinned in that it will protect the skin from harm. However, a sunscreen that is non comedogenic is a better choice. Non-comedogenic products are ones that are designed to not clog your pores. This means that not only do you avoid sunburn, sun spots and wrinkles, but your skin will stay looking fresh and healthy.

Another good skin care tip that is useful for any time of the year, but that will help you particularly in the summer, is to drink lots of water. Try to cut back on alcohol, sugary beverages and caffeine. Drink more water so that you avoid dehydration, and so that your skin remains clear and fresh. Hydration, and the quality of food that you eat, is something that has a huge impact on your complexion. As a nice side effect, eating healthily and drinking lots of water will improve your energy levels and help you to get to, or remain at, a healthy weight as well.

Easy TIps for Taking Care of Your Hair

Taking care of your hair doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money, or investing a lot of time, either. Modern life is really stressful for your body, skin and hair. We are exposed to so many harsh chemicals and toxins that can dry out your skin and hair. In addition, if you style your hair, you will find that the heat of the dryer, curlers, straighteners and other tools are damaging your hair – and are likely to cause split ends.

So, what can you do about that sort of thing? Well, you will find that making a few simple changes to your day to day hair care habits could make all the difference.

It’s a good idea to wash your hair regularly, and using a high quality, nourishing shampoo will make all the difference, but, instead of using a hair dryer, dry your hair with a towel by blotting it and slowly rubbing it, instead of by vigorously rubbing it.

If you want to nourish your hair, use aloe vera or coconut oil. A couple of drops of oil combed through your hair is all you need. Wrap your hair in a towel after applying the oil, and leave it on overnight, then rinse the oil out of your hair afterwards. The oil will nourish the hair and help to keep it looking soft and lush, instead of dry and flakey.

Try not to dye your hair often. Instead of using commercial hair dyes at home, go to a salon and get your hair done properly. You will need fewer applications, they will last longer, and they will do far less damage to your hair so it will be worth it in the long run – both financially and hair health-wise.

Keep Your Skin Fabulous Even Through the Winter

When winter gales whistle down the street, you may be left with dry, chapped lips or skin. With a little forethought and a few skincare tips, you can keep your skin soft and hydrated this winter.


When out in the air, be sure to dress properly. The more skin that is exposed to drying winds, the worse your skin will dry out.

Keep an eye on the humidity levels in your home. Before the air starts feeling too dry, run a dehumidifier, or simmer a pan of water on the stove or in a Crock-Pot (with supervision, of course).

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Keeping your body hydrated will help prevent your skin from drying out.

Be sure to apply moisturizers as needed for protection, using some of the remedies suggested below. After showering or washing your face, be sure to apply a natural moisturizer that not only softens and moisturizes, but also protects your skin.


If you find your skin getting dried out, attack the problem as soon as you see the first signs. Use natural oils, moisturizers, or creams as needed. And don’t forget your feet!

Coconut oil is a fantastic natural moisturizer, and if you buy it in large containers (which you can find in health food stores or online), it ends up costing very little per ounce, allowing you to use generous amounts if necessary.

Add a few drops of therapeutic grade essential oil into your coconut oil or moisturizer before you apply it. There are many essential oils that help the skin, but lavender and frankincense are two of the best.

Increase your water intake, if you haven’t already, to make up for all the water loss from dry winter conditions.

By following these tips, you can keep your skin smooth, soft, and hydrated throughout the long months of winter.

Nutrition For Your Skin: 4 Foods You Should Eat

Everyone knows that eating the right foods can do amazing things for your health and body, and this includes your skin. You might be wondering what foods you should eat. If you are looking for good nutrition for your skin, then there are many foods you can eat. Here are four foods you can start eating today.

1. Salmon– One of the best anti-aging foods to eat is salmon. It is rich with astaxanthin, which is a carotenoid that can improve your skin’s elasticity. This can result in fewer fine lines and you could end up looking younger. Try to eat salmon at least 1-3 times per week.

2. Eggs– A healthy person should have no problems eating an egg daily, so fee free to eat them often. One reason why you should eat them regularly is because eggs contain protein that helps repair cells that have free radical damage. Not only do eggs contain protein, but they contain bioten, a vitamin that can protect your skin from becoming too dry.

3. Walnuts– Most nuts are good to eat, but walnuts are some of the healthiest ones you can consume. They are rich with omega-3 fatty acids and they can help make your hair shiner and your skin will look and feel smoother. It will also look younger.

4. Beans– Beans repairs cells. They also play a role in the regeneration of skin cells and collagen. If you want tighter skin, then consume legumes on a regular basis.

Salmon, eggs, walnuts and beans can do wonders for your skin. Those foods can be eaten regularly and after a few weeks or months, you should notice a difference in your skin. Just make sure you include those foods in your diet and eventually you will see an improvement in your skin.

Basics of Keeping Skin Beautiful

Everyone wants beautiful skin. Most of the time beautiful is equated with young, but skin does age eventually no matter how well cared for it is. However, there are some basic things to keep in mind all throughout life to keep skin beautiful and here they are.

Drink Plenty of Water

This suggestion is said so often that it probably either fails to be adhered to or people feel that they are already doing this and that they want a different recommendation for beautiful skin. The reality is that water hydrates from the inside out. There is no doubt that it helps plump the skin up and it helps flush the body- and the skin – of unhealthy toxins.

Limit Sun Exposure

One of the biggest things to age a person’s skin is sun. Try limiting exposure to it. If you cannot, always be sure to wear at least a layer of moisturizer on your face and exposed areas. The thin film of moisture is better than nothing at all. A better bet is to always use an SPF moisturizer or sunscreen whenever planning to be outdoors in the sun.

As for moisturizing skin, there are two excellent ways to keep it healthy and young looking. You can use coconut oil to help boost collagen production, keep rashes away, increase softness and moisturize. Instead of using traditional makeup removers available at drug stores, makeup can be removed with coconut oil. If you do not have coconut oil, look to olive oil. Add some to a cotton pad or cotton ball and gently wipe away all traces of makeup.

Beautiful skin starts from the inside. Make sure to eat healthy vegetables and fruits to get a good dose of antioxidants to help beautiful skin stay beautiful all throughout your life.